Notes on First Post and Post Two

by picturesbydara

The first pictures that inaugurated this blog form only a small part of a big series of works that consists of several hundreds of pictures. Following a phase when Dara Zindovic created large single-themed pictures on canvas with oil colours, around 2004 she initiated a new stage in her creative development by painting a serialized line of pictures on cotton wool paper with recurrent themes that evolved over time. Early examples of the series showed colourful rectangular forms piled up one over another and framed on the sides by monochrome surfaces like geometric curtains or pillars. Other pictures featured streams of interconnected circles in the brightest and liveliest colours. More recently, she opposed lavish arrangements of a multitude of forms on the lower half of the pictures to monochromatic surfaces on the upper half. She connected these two portions with golden lines that emanate from the vivid play of elements and climb to the top of the picture like lines of smoke from a freshly lit out fireplace. Examples of the earlier manifestations of the series will be posted in the near future.
On the pictures you find below the tying golden lines have disappeared and the monochromatic part has been replaced by colours fluidly seguing into one another, thus creating dreamy subliminal surfaces. Another prominent theme of Dara’s art that appears on the pictures of Post Two are elements or portions of pictures that are painted over by different colours, thus obscuring them as well as giving them a more refined appearance. On the pictures of Post Two pink circles emerge from a layer of transparent white colour reminiscent of heavenly bodies that emerge from a cloudy haze or of objects floating on the surface of the sea which would make the agglomeration of forms below appear like treasure laying on the bottom of the sea. The most recent picture of the series will be posted shortly.