Triptychon March 2014

by picturesbydara

dara-zindovic-triptychon2014-pic1 dara-zindovic-triptychon2014-pic2 dara-zindovic-triptychon2014-pic3

Triptychons are one of Dara’s favorite forms of expression. This triptychon has the glowing and intense colours orange, ochre, yellow and red come together for three compository variations. The pictures are being enriched by beautiful arrangements of colourful elements that (on part 1 & 3 of the triptychon) are connected with each other by thin, wiry lines that add a dynamic note to the arrangements. (acryl on canvas, 3 x 19,7″ x 19, 7″ / 50 x 50 cm)