Building Up Contexts

by picturesbydara

Since the launch of this blog in December 2013 we have been presenting to you Dara’s latest creations. All of these pictures, however, stand in relation to the larger body of work that she has created over the past twenty+ years. Over the next couple of weeks we will present to you the work she has done specifically within the last ten years. We will set the focus on the pictures that have the same “medium size” format as the paintings that have been posted first on this blog.

Additionally we have now implemented a tag system for the postings. If there is a picture you like particularly you can click on the post, select one of the tags and have all of the pictures with the same or a similar theme appear on a seperate page. That way you will be able to browse through the posts according to your own personal tastes and interests. The paintings are being differentiated by four categories: their theme, their format, their technique and the date of their creation (new or part of the archives).

In showing examples of Dara’s overall work we hope that you will get a better sense of the style of this great artist and the richness of her work. We also hope that you will be able to see in which way her current work picks up on the themes she has developed so far and where she takes on new and fresh directions in her artmaking.