Abstract Light Part 1

by picturesbydara

Abstract Light picture1 Abstract Light picture2 Abstract Light picture3 Abstract Light picture4

Around 2003/2004 Dara initiated a new phase in her creative development. Up until then she created mostly large-formatted pictures, each of them posessing a self-contained theme. Dara then began to work in a more serialized way, exploring new themes that evolved over several paintings. Over the next couple of weeks we will show most of the works and themes from this phase.

Dara launched this new stage of her artistic process with paintings of otherworldly beauty. In between bright, long and narrow monochrome surfaces she placed numerous shapes, rectangles, squares and stripes of luminous colors. On some paintings they overlap each other which makes them look like moving elements in transit that are in a lively exchange with one another. At other times they are being tidily seperated from one another, thus appearing like samples of different colours and fabrics, or more figuratively speaking like multiple screens that show simultaneously different situations, events or frames of mind.

Dara has created many variations of this theme. As with some other themes that she developed more extensively we will not post all of the paintings from this collection at once. Instead we will let their beauty unfold slowly by publishing parts of the series bit by bit over the next couple of weeks while we publish postings with works that belong to other themes. The size of the pictures is 9,02 x 27, 95 inches or 21 x 73 cm and all of them were made with acryl on cotton paper. All of the paintings in this post were made in 2004.

The series they belong to is also the only one that has an official title – its name is “Abstract Light”. Other series that Dara has created during this stage remain untitled, so the names that we will give to the postings with paintings from other groups of works should not be seen as official. The choice of titles is guided mainly by the aesthetic features of the paintings, the associations they evoke or by their main artistic statement.