Longing For Stars (2014)

by picturesbydara

Dara Zindovic - Longing for Stars

This is a brand new picture that Dara finished about two weeks ago. An iridiscent, sparkling circle with an electrifying surface is hovering on the top of the picture like the sun at its highest peak during the day. Its brilliance and radiance is enhanced by the subdued ochre and orange that take up the rest of the painting. Dara Zindovic made this picture as a study for an awesome forthcoming project whose details we’re keeping under wraps for the time being. For now, we’re giving you the basics on this painting: Dara Zindovic: “Longing For Stars” (“Sehnsucht nach Sternen”) (2014), acryl on canvas, 23,62”/23,62” (60x60cm).