All Roads Lead To … A Circle!

by picturesbydara

All Roads Lead To A Circle2 All Roads Lead To A Circle1

At least that seems to be the case in the creative universe of Dara Zindovic. For two paintings with the format of 39,37” x 14,17” (100 x 36 cm) the circle becomes yet again the focal point of Dara’s art. Rectangular forms in warm colors run up to the circles like several intricate paths that lead to a huge gathering place. The circles and the rectangles that tower up to them also look like an abstract rendering of the human body. Read this way the paintings could be seen as depicting extravagant fashion costumes or might even be considered to be a reflection on the way our identity is composed. With this latter reading in mind, the paintings seem to suggest that our personality is not monolithic or one-dimensional but composed of a myriad of experiences that we have in all kinds of contexts, places and stages of life.