Vintage Circles

by picturesbydara

Vintage Circles1 Vintage Circles2

Circles are an integral part of Dara’s artistic language and appear throughout her work in all kinds of shapes, looks and formats. The works we present to you in this posting are the first of her medium-size paintings on which circles take up a prominent position. They were made in 2004, during the time when Dara Zindovic also worked on the “Abstract Light” series. On them you can see circles with differing surfaces that are either monochrome adorned with a golden frame or that display spirals along which colourful rectangles are spinning like in a maelstrom. It almost seems as if these circles are some kind of machines that churn out bricks that then land on the painting according to the random principle. Or they may depict spiral staircases which offer a view from the top on other floors with similar arrangements of rectangles that have the look of stylish disco lights. These are the only two paintings of this series that are left in Dara’s back catalogue, all other works from this phase have already been sold. Maybe there’s a chance owners of this type of paintings by Dara are reading this posting – if so, post us a photo of your picture to and we will put it on this blog!