Flowers Part 1

by picturesbydara

Flowers Picture1 Flowers Picture2

Many compositions on the abstract paintings by Dara Zindovic are already reminiscent of beautiful, imaginatively shaped flower arrangements. Consequently it does not come as a surprise that at a point she decided to live out her passion for flowers to the fullest artistically. Since Dara creates abstract art, one should not judge her paintings of flowers by their faithfulness to the plants as they appear in nature. What is more interesting is the way she interprets the flowers in a formal sense, by creating sultry silhouttes, gorgeous leaves and luxuriant blooms. The flowers are surrounded by abstract elements in various transparent colors that are more typical of Dara’s art. These elements do not merely fulfill a decorative purpose but seem to be the abstract counterparts of the flower’s different components. The reappearance of these forms on the floral-themed paintings gives a hint as to what the abstract forms Dara uses on her paintings may actually stand for.