Die Wendung (1996) (The Turnaround)

by picturesbydara


From November 7 to December 18, 2014 followers of Dara’s art will be able to see one of her early works at the exhibition “Der Mensch im Mittelpunkt” (“The human being at the centre”) organized by the professional association of artists “art bv Berchtoldvilla” in Salzburg. The exhibition’s theme is the human being in the context of current social developments that are at odds with the notion of humaneness.

This conflict is also present in Dara’s painting entitled “Die Wendung” (“The Turnaround”, 1996, oil on canvas, 100×150 cm / 39,37″x59,06″). At its centre is an abstract figure composed of blocks of dark green and brown and characterized by crude and harsh contours. It has no intelligible bodily features that would make it recognizable as an individual person. Instead, the figure is a symbol of more general human traits. On the one hand it embodies the desire for power and the ruthless pursuit of goals with disregard for other people. However, there is also a sense of powerlessness and the feeling of loneliness inscribed in the figure that comes up once it becomes doubtful about the selfish nature of its behaviour. Leaving the egotistical pursuit of power behind the figure manages to get back in touch with its environment and to experience enlightenment in its entire colour spectrum. The tender, pastel-like colours that surround the figure should thus not be regarded as a contrast to the person and its original intentions. Rather they stand for a type of light or positive energy recognized and imagined by the figure through which it ultimately becomes capable of changing for the better.