Sublime Surfaces Part 3

by picturesbydara

Sublime Surfaces Picture6

Sublime Surfaces Picture7

Sublime Surfaces Picture8

We are closing off this year with three paintings Dara has made in mid-October 2014. They are a continuation of the sublime textures she has been working on in 2013 and in the beginning of 2014. On these paintings the collection of multifarious elements on the lower part of the paintings is gone and Dara’s creative view seems to have lifted off far into the sky. On the first painting of the series‘ continuation a fragile way consisting of multi-coloured precious stones goes up to the ever lighter getting top of the painting. Fluffy, curly and refined surfaces prevail on the second painting, while the third painting is the most reduced and abstract among the presented works, solely consisting of light colours flowing one into another. More posts with this type of paintings will follow soon.