Sublime Surfaces Part 8: A New Dawn

by picturesbydara

Sublime Surfaces Picture20

On the last work that belongs to the series „Sublime Surfaces“ thus far Dara offers a powerful crescendo of luscious emulsions of color. Judging by the red-colored segment in the upper part of the painting it seems as if Dara wanted to capture the dawn of a hot, steamy summer day. Maybe it is just a conincidence that her closing point of this creative phase comes in the shape of a new beginning. We, however, find that her choice to create such a composition for the series’ finale mirrors perfectly her artistic spirit that strives for constant innovation and for new and fresh takes on already created motifs.

While this painting is the hitherto last one of the „Sublime Surfaces“ group of works, this post will not be our last one regarding the series. Soon we will publish a „bonus painting“ Dara has made during this phase. It is held in the overall dreamy and somnambulistic tone that runs through the series, but is nevertheless slightly different in its look and composition.