Through the Wind of Sahara Triptychon (2015)

by picturesbydara

Sahara_Triptychon-Part1 Sahara_Triptychon-Part2 Sahara_Triptychon-Part3

In the beginning of this year Dara made three small paintings that carry a big impact upon their viewers. When looking at them one has the impression of passing through a major sand storm. The paint on the pictures takes up every inch of the canvas, similarly to the Sahara desert that seems to know no boundaries. The wind that occasionally blows through the sand’s surface not only reshapes the surface of the desert, but also adds ever new shades of the sand’s color. The manifold look of the desert and the traces of time that are inscribed in its surface are being recreated on these paintings with the presented photos revealing actually even more shades that one would see upon a first look at the paintings in reality. “Through the Wind of The Sahara Triptychon”, Acryl on Canvas, 3 x 11,81″ x 11, 81″ / 30 x 30 cm.