Sahara (2015)

by picturesbydara


On this Sahara-themed painting a desert hill takes up the middle of the picture. It is being complimented by transparent layers of purple and the glowing yellow in the background, thus uniting both the daytime and the sunset on one single work. The merging of one sand layer into another that can be caused by wind storms and the resulting creation of different shades is being replicated in the interaction between shades of purple as well as between the sand tones and the solar yellow. The purple color not only stands for the closing time of the day but it could also be seen as conveying the silky smooth feel of the desert’s surface, which adds a synaesthetic dimenstion to the painting. “Sahara” (2015), Acryl on canvas, 39,37″ x 39,37″ / 100 x 100 cm.