Untitled, completed in February 2015

by picturesbydara


Interchanging color strips are one way through which the eclectic nature of Dara’s art finds expression. This new untitled work is another example of this approach. The invention of a visual concept of plurality is not the only interesting thing about this and other similar paintings Dara has made. What is also striking about them is the relationship between the stripes and the differences between them in terms of size, texture and lucidity. On this new work by Dara ZIndovic for instance vague layers of pink and orange meet the starkness and definiteness of the blue color. Dara has made many more paintings of this type and we hope to be able to show them to you in the future. Untitled (2015), acryl on cotton paper, 27,56“ x 39,37“, 70 x 100 cm