The Poetry of Transformation

by picturesbydara


Transformation, the transition from one state of matter to another lies at the heart of Dara’s work. This new painting exemplifies this theme on the one hand by transferring a recently developed motif from a figurative into an abstract context. The flamboyant, oval forms that appeared as leaves on her recent flower paintings reemerge on this painting as elements that seem to be free falling like meteorites. Towards the lower part of the painting the cone-shaped forms with their dense and complex surface are largely replaced by a heap of intertwined circles with no clear delineated form as the oval forms that float above them that seem to have a strong and individualized identity of their own. With her latest painting Dara has created a visual poem of transformation. Dara Zindovic (2017): Untitled, acrylic on canvas, 27,56“ x 27,56“ / 70 cm x 70 cm