The Art of Overpainting

by picturesbydara




In her work Dara often uses the technique of overpainting compositions that are either in their early stages of development or are at times already fully elaborated. This is an approach that contains room for various interpretations. On the one hand it is a way of embellishing the painting and adding a supplemental level to it, which enhances the viewing experience. On the other hand it may disguise and hide the texture beneath. So there are also the aspects of domination over and replacement of something that has already been built as well as the creation of a mysterious atmosphere or the softening of an arrangement that would otherwise be more straightforward and easily accessible. The technique of overpainting on the paintings presented in this posting is not used to make the background entirely indiscernible. Instead, the many swift brushes and dots applied leave enough space that invite the viewer to imaginatively guess the look of the sphere lying behind the layer on the immediate surface.

On these paintings Dara uses gold to cover up the hitherto created composition. This color may on the one hand refine a work. It is also used in order to create a patina on old furniture pieces, for instance. So the color may also be seen a symbol of appreciation of old objects as well as an approach of preserving them. Bearing this function in mind, these paintings have a lasting importance that goes far beyond the immediate moment.

In the order of the appearance:

Dara Zindovic (2011): Untitled, acrylic on canvas, 50 cm x 50 cm / 19,69″ x 19,69″

Dara Zindovic (2010): Untitled, acrylic on canvas, 65 cm x 45 cm / 25,59″ x 17,72″

Dara Zindovic (n.d.): Untitled, acrylic on canvas, 50 cm x 50 cm / 19,69″ x 19,69″