Triptychon (2014), Part 1

by picturesbydara

Created in early 2014 this triptychon by Dara celebrates the richness of earth. The vast brown surfaces on the paintings are surrounded by different sectors in warm colors that are divided both in vertical and horizontal manner. The outlines of the different parts are winding and curved which is an acknowledgment of provisionality, incompleteness and imperfection. The winding contours are also a symbol of sensuality, a quality that is reinforced by the reappearance of the motif of the golden line to which an own series of paintings has been dedicated. The triptychon anticipates later works that deal with the Sahara desert or present otherworldly arrangements against a sequence of soft and mellow colors. Some of the latter mentioned works are currently on display at the art bv Berchtoldvilla Salzburg. Since each part of the triptychon can stand as a work in its own right, we will publish each painting in an own posting.

Dara Zindovic (2014): Untitled (part 1 of a Triptychon), acrylic on canvas, 23,62″ x 19,69″ / 60 cm x 50 cm