Fantasy Flowers

by picturesbydara


In the past two years Dara’s creative work centered around flowers. Instead of depicting them in a multitude as they exist in bushes, shrubs or as they are traditionally shown in still life pictures, she chose to present them in an individualistic way highlighting the specific features of each flower on the different paintings. She also focused less on a naturalistic representation, but rather took the form of the flower as a departure point for an experimentation with the blending of colors. The result are paintings of flowers that seem to originate from a different galaxy. This is no less the case with her most recent work presented in this posting. The flowers on these two paintings look less like plants as they actually occur in nature, but more as distant planets from sci-fi novels. Their partially transparent shape only adds to their dreamy and sensual appeareance.


Dara Zindovic (2018): 2 x Untitled, acrylic on paper, 30 cm x 30 cm / 11,81″ x 11,81″