“Blaue Magie” (“Blue Magic”) On Exhibit At “art bv Berchtoldvilla” Salzburg

by picturesbydara

Currently on exhibit at Salzburg’s “art bv Berchtoldvilla” is Dara’s “Blaue Magie” (“Blue Magic”). It is a painting that presents the sky and the sea as dominant forces with people’s lives unfolding between earth and heaven. The stream of multicolored leaves symbolizes the fragility of life. Lurking below and above the major blue surfaces are tiny stripes of colors that playfully undercut the irreducibility and originary status of these forces of nature.

Dara Zindovic (2019): “Blaue Magie” (“Blue Magic”), acrylic on canvas, 1 m x 1m; 39,37″ x 39,37″ at the exhibition “Das Blaue vom Himmel” (literally “The Blue of the Sky”; figuratively: “Everything Under the Moon”) at “art bv Berchtoldvilla”, Josef-Preis-Allee 12 from July 13 to August 22.