Flower Chameleon

by picturesbydara

The flower depicted is not only quite unlike any flower that can be found in the real world, it is also different from other paintings by Dara of the same theme. Instead of the leaves that adorn a flower’s stem, this time the focus is on the bulky trunk that has a sensual, curvy silhouette unlike the straight line of flower stalks in real nature. In the front of the picture a golden stem expands over the surface like a metallic fortification of the plant – one is inclined to think of a plant equivalent of the concept of the cyborg, but also of a vase. This latter notion is dispelled by the shapes around the golden stem that look as if various states of motion of the flower have been layered one over another. They show different shapes of the stem in other colors as if it takes on different moods at different times. A continuous element seems to be the aura in faded pink that suggests that this flower might be blushing frequently … in the upper part the stem segues into a purple part that carries the flower head with a radiating shimmering core. The overall impression left is that of a mystical shapeshifiting figure in front of a sunny and optimistic backdrop.

Dara Zindovic (2019): Untitled, acrylic on paper, 21 cm x 73cm / 9,02“ x 29,75“