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Flower 2018

Dara Zindovic (2018):Untitled, acrylic on paper, 23 cm x 82 cm / 9,06″ x 32,83″


Africa (2002)

This painting by Dara both exposes the process of artistic creation and presents a theme in an epic and iconic way. Several layers of different colors are applied on a canvas which is a typical process of creating a foundation on a painting. While in illusionistic art the foundation would cover the whole of the canvas in order to render the production process invisible, in this work the founding layers end briefly before reaching the border of the canvas and strike with their raw, seemingly unprocessed margins. On top of the orange foundation is a brown surface with unven contours that looks like cardboard or a piece of fabric. It is superceded by a large orange circle that intersects with the brown surface thus creating an impression as if a circular part has been cut of the surface. While all these disjointed parts expose the means of artistic expression, the painting aquires a different meaning as soon as one learns that its name is „Africa“. The uneven rectangular brown form then becomes an abstract interpretation of the continent and the circle turns into a large hot sun looming above the dry soil. With this painting Dara created a beautiful hommage to Africa by carving out its essence and beauty. Dara Zindovic: „Africa“ (2002), 150 cm x 130 cm / 59,06“ x 51,81“

Colorful Stars (2018)

Dara’s latest painting has her return to her well established style of mixing together various elements that do not seamlessly fit together. Over an evenly spread yellow grounding a small formatted foundation in purple and in a more dotted painting style is placed. It seems to exfoliate towards the middle while the background and the arrangement of circles in the center exude a more powerful presence. The colorful patches represent an abstract cluster of stars – by putting them in an artificial environment instead of their natural context the painting assumes a pop-oriented and postmodern sensibility. Dara Zindovic (2018): Untitled, acrylic on canvas, 27,56″ x 27,56″ / 70 cm x 70 cm


A rare opportunity to view the planet Mars with the naked eye inspired Dara to create this abstract Portrait of the earth’s closest planetary neighbor. It was a fall night more than a decade ago during which sparkling stars surrounded the red planet that motivated Dara to captivate this event on canvas.

The planet Mars has been a subject of many earthly interests and projections in the past decades. Mars is being explored in space programs and plans are being made to make the planet livable for people in the long run. In popular culture Mars has often been portrayed as a threatening force in scenarios that were often projections of conflicts carried out on planet Earth (e.g. the Cold War). In musical and artistic projects inspired by the civil rights movement in the United States Mars obtained yet another meaning. It became an imaginary, utopian place for a life without discrimination, persecution or oppression.  It is this meaning which Dara’s painting picks up on. It is dedicated to all those who experienced violent expulsions or long-term alienations from or within their original environment, yet have not lost hope that there can be a place where they can find safety, protection and belonging. Transparent, mysterious creatures behind the red planetary surface stand symbolically for this hidden dimension of meaning that is not accessible to everybody.

Dara Zindovic (n.d.): “Mars”, oil on canvas, 130 cm x 130 cm / 51,18″ x 51,18″

Untitled (2010)

Dara created this music-themed abstract painting in 2010. The conceptual framework is the slow Dissipation of things and their absorption into the past which is symbolized by the pink color that seems to slowly peel off from the canvas showing the green background. The same line of thought may apply for the golden line that horizonzally runs with an interruption through the painting. Together with the sparse circles it looks like the remains of a notation. Yet the remaining traces seem to emanate an even greater impact than the one they would have in their original preserved shape which also points to the power that memories can have, especially if they are connected to music.

Dara Zindovic (2010): Untitled, acrylic on canvas, 60 cm x 120 cm / 23,62″ x 47,24″

Study in Circles


On this painting from 2008 Dara explores a differential spatial distribution of circular elements. Voluminous circles serve as the background for a gathering of colorful micro-circles that becomes increasingly dense towards the painting’s center. In spite of the loose and playful arrangement that does not seem to follow strict formal rules the painting deals with the theme of contrasts between large and small circles, the center and periphery, watery vs. strong coloration and the exciting visual effects that result from the overlappings of the eclectic elements. Dara Zindovic (2008): Untitled, acrylic on cotton paper, 57 cm x 75 cm / 22,44“ x 29,53“

Untitled, completed in March 2017, revised in April 2017

After the creation of the fantasy planet in a large size format Dara revisited the smaller version of the theme. The circular formation now has a more intense appearance and is being surrounded by wavy lines in light blue that can be regarded to either cool down the composition or to represent an alternative proposal for the concept of warmth.


Fantasy Planet

On her new painting Dara brings watered-down circular forms together in order to create yet another beautiful fantasy planet. Grounded in a layer of delicate pink and ornamented with a halo in light blue and beige the latest motif by Dara is a lavish dream come true. Dara Zindovic (2017): Untitled, acrylic on canvas, 70 cm x 70 cm / 27,56“ x 27,56“


Untitled, completed in March 2017

The theme of the universe and the multiplicity of events and phenomens that it contains is symbolized on this new painting by Dara by a circle that contains blurred and polycolored forms. The very stark and dense mixture of elements becomes lighter towards the outer side of the circle and is also being contrasted by cloudy looking spots that connect the circle with the light, pastellike background. Dara Zindovic (2017): Untitled, acrylic on canvas, 30 cm x 30 cm / 11,81“ x 11,81“


As a contrast to our last posting we are now presenting a work by Dara from 2005 that is a tightly knit collection of colorful elements. The dense and eclectic structure evokes the shape of a palette that is used as a space for the preparation of different colors that are applied on a canvas. So what can be usually regarded as an object that is part of the creation process, is elevated to the status of an art piece.

Dara Zindovic (2005): Untitled, acrylic on canvas, 30 cm x 80 cm, 11,81″ x 31,5″