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Flower 2018

Dara Zindovic (2018):Untitled, acrylic on paper, 23 cm x 82 cm / 9,06″ x 32,83″


Flowers 2018

Dara continues her artistic exploration of flowers by creating an imaginative reinterpretation of the theme – in front of a sublime background of liquid and tender colors Dara‘s flowers appear in a more evasive shape than ever. The blueprint of this new series looks half plant, half alien with no discernible leaves and two stems that form a helix. Surfaces with different colors are being created each time the stems intersect while the bloom has a chameleon-like surface and is surrounded by a captivating glow. The flower on the second painting has a more conventional structure, but the large flowing leaves on the thin elongated stem seem to hint at what it might have looked like had Dalì decided to paint melting flowers instead of melting clocks.

Dara Zindovic (2018): 2 x Untitled, acrylic on paper, 21 cm × 73 cm / 9,02″ x 27,95″

Colorful Stars (2018)

Dara’s latest painting has her return to her well established style of mixing together various elements that do not seamlessly fit together. Over an evenly spread yellow grounding a small formatted foundation in purple and in a more dotted painting style is placed. It seems to exfoliate towards the middle while the background and the arrangement of circles in the center exude a more powerful presence. The colorful patches represent an abstract cluster of stars – by putting them in an artificial environment instead of their natural context the painting assumes a pop-oriented and postmodern sensibility. Dara Zindovic (2018): Untitled, acrylic on canvas, 27,56″ x 27,56″ / 70 cm x 70 cm

Flower 2018

The focus of Dara’s current works are flowers and on this particular new painting the bloom has the look of a shapeshifting solar crystal ball that carries all sorts of mysteries and secrets. It looms high above oval multicolored leaves and thin stems that are solidified by streaks of different colors. All these features add up to a magnificent depiction of nature that seems to be part of a splendid fantasy world.

Dara Zindovic (2018): Untitled, acrylic on paper, 21 cm x 73 cm / 8,27″ x 28,74″

Untitled (2015)

This is a repost of a painting that was posted first two years ago. This time the colors on the image are closer to their appearance in real life – contrary to the opulence of the painting last posted, this painting belongs to a line of work by Dara that strikes with its simplicity. Its different sections look like cutout paper pieces that are put together as if to illustrate a view from a window whose sill is decorated with rose petals. As with other paintings in this style Dara experiments with the combination of different surfaces and underlines their stark difference with the crude manner in which they are joined together.

Dara Zindovic: Untitled (2015), Acryl on canvas, 50 x 50 cm / 23,62″ x 23,62″

Untitled (2010)

Dara created this music-themed abstract painting in 2010. The conceptual framework is the slow Dissipation of things and their absorption into the past which is symbolized by the pink color that seems to slowly peel off from the canvas showing the green background. The same line of thought may apply for the golden line that horizonzally runs with an interruption through the painting. Together with the sparse circles it looks like the remains of a notation. Yet the remaining traces seem to emanate an even greater impact than the one they would have in their original preserved shape which also points to the power that memories can have, especially if they are connected to music.

Dara Zindovic (2010): Untitled, acrylic on canvas, 60 cm x 120 cm / 23,62″ x 47,24″

Blurred City View on a Sunny Fall Afternoon

From 1994

Study in Circles


On this painting from 2008 Dara explores a differential spatial distribution of circular elements. Voluminous circles serve as the background for a gathering of colorful micro-circles that becomes increasingly dense towards the painting’s center. In spite of the loose and playful arrangement that does not seem to follow strict formal rules the painting deals with the theme of contrasts between large and small circles, the center and periphery, watery vs. strong coloration and the exciting visual effects that result from the overlappings of the eclectic elements. Dara Zindovic (2008): Untitled, acrylic on cotton paper, 57 cm x 75 cm / 22,44“ x 29,53“



These two paintings are a tribute to Venice. The focus shifts from the mere presentation of a complex city landscape to the interesting interplay of the town with the expansive, endless sea. The works highlight the beauty of the city and also deal with the city’s precarity by being located next to the sea. The sea itself has the role of an amorphous dominant force that must be contained from drowning the treasures of the town, but on the other hand also has a complimenting role as a canvas that reflects the sparkling city lights.

Dara Zindovic (n.d.): Untitled, acrylic on canvas, 120 cm x  120 cm / 47,24″ x 47,24″

Dara Zindovic (2009): Venice, acrylic on canvas, 100 cm x 100 cm / 39,37″ x 39,37″

Urbanism Gone Wild

Wow, what a tornado of impressions! The works presented in this posting belong to some of the most complex compositions Dara has ever made. On them countless fragmentary units are joined together to form a larger, highly differentiated polychromatic entity. The paintings may be seen as an artistic memory of her old hometown Dubrovnik. Like many coastal towns that rest on hills its famous view is characterized by ascending rows of houses. On the paintings the structure of the towering elements is raw, wild, unruly, chaotic, there is no consideration of a planned and linear orderliness as is usual in town planning. The bits and pieces appear more like tags arbitrarily applied on a wall and are put together in a collage-like manner. The works show an appreciation for urbanism, fragmentation, density and the sparks that fly out of such a lively mixture.

Dara Zindovic (n.d.): Untitled (acryl on cotton paper; 57 cm x 75 cm / 22,44“ x 29,53“ each)